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Chapter 7.1   -   The Kingdom of Babylon

In the Bible, the phrase "Kingdom of Babylon" represents Satan's Kingdom during each of the four "Kingdoms of Heaven".

To understand the Biblical definition of the "Kingdom of Babylon" we need to understand how it began - and who it includes.

The "Kingdom of Babylon" began when Satan (and all the fallen Angels) originally rebelled against God, before Creation of man.

Because of their rebellion (their sin) the fallen angels could no longer reside within the incorruptible "Kingdom of God".  Therefore,

the creation of (the Kingdom of) Babylon began - with Satan being the ruler and "king" of "Babylon the Great".  (See note #6 below)

                    The "Kingdom of Babylon" began on earth when Adam and Eve rebelled (sinned) against God

                    and they were "cast out" of the eternal "Kingdom of God".  This act was illustrated by them being

                    "cast out" of the Garden of Eden, and needing to be "born again" to re-enter the "Kingdom of God"

Obviously, Satan was already "fallen" when he deceived Eve in the Garden.  When Adam rebelled against the Rule of God,

he (and all of his offspring) then "died" in the sense that they (both body and soul) were "thrust out" of the "Kingdom of God"

and "translated" into the "Kingdom of Babylon".  This event was represented by Adam and Eve being "cast out" of the Garden.

From that point, Adam and Eve (and all their offspring) belonged to their new "King" Satan - the legitimate Ruler of "Babylon".

Like all their offspring, Adam and Eve then needed to be "born again" before they could enter into the eternal "Kingdom of God".

When we say that Adam (or any man) "belongs" to Satan, we are saying the TOTAL MAN (both body and soul) is "captive".

When God "translates" Saints out of the Kingdom of Satan - into His "Kingdom of God" on earth, He translates only the soul.

The body of the "born again" individual remains in Satan's Kingdom until the Seventh Trumpet sounds and the Lord Returns.

The Saints are given incorruptible spiritual bodies at the resurrection.  Corruption cannot enter into the Eternal Kingdom.

If not for the Sovereign Grace of God, all of mankind would live and die within Satan's "Kingdom of Babylon".  However,

by the Sovereign Grace of God, and with the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, some men are "elected" by God and they

are "translated" out of Satan's "Kingdom of Babylon" (spiritual death) and "born again" into the eternal "Kingdom of God".

This redemption process begins during one of the four "Kingdoms of Heaven" as the SOULS of the Saints are "born again"

during a process the Bible calls the "First Resurrection".  This redemption is finished when the Seventh Trumpet sounds

and our BODIES are "changed" into glorified and incorruptible spiritual bodies, during the Second Resurrection.

For the Saints in each of the Four Kingdoms on earth, the First Resurrection of regeneration gives life to our "dead" souls,

and the Second Resurrection, when the Seventh Trumpet sounds, completes the process, as it gives life to our dead bodies.

It's important to understand that "Babylon the Great" is a vision of Satan's Kingdom (the whore), as it "sits upon" (rules over)

each of Daniel's four "Kingdoms of Heaven".  The completion (or the totality) of the "Kingdom of Babylon" is demonstrated

by showing that it includes each of Daniel's four Kingdoms - the LION of the (1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom, and the BEAR of the

(2nd) Jewish Kingdom, the LEOPARD of the (3rd) Christian Kingdom, and the Ten "Horns/Kings/Virgins" of the Fourth Beast.

Dan 7:3       And four great Beasts [Kingdoms] came up from the sea, diverse [different] one from another.

                    4  The first was like a LION [the Pre-Flood Kingdom], and had eagles wings;  I beheld till the wings

                    thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand upon the feet as a man, and

                    a man's heart was given to it.  5  And behold another Beast, a second, like a BEAR [the Jewish Kingdom],

                    and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they

                    said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.  6  After this I beheld, and lo another, like a LEOPARD

                    [the Christian Kingdom], which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the Beast also had

                    FOUR HEADS; and dominion was given to it [during the 1000 year "binding" of Satan].

Rev 13:2     And the [7-Headed Revelations] Beast which I saw was like unto a LEOPARD [the Christian Kingdom]

                    and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR [the Jewish Kingdom], and his mouth as the mouth of a LION

                    [Pre-Flood Kingdom]; and the Dragon [Satan] gave him [the Beast] power, and his seat, and great authority.

It's important to understand that "Mystery Babylon" is actually the New Testament Commentary on Daniel's Four Kingdoms.

It's also important to understand that just as the Truth about Daniel's prophecies remained "sealed" until this "time-of-the-end",

so, also, the Truth about the "Kingdom of Babylon" has remained "sealed" from all previous Saints until this "Season and Time"

after the destruction of the Fourth Kingdom.  The fact is, "Mystery Babylon" describes Daniel's four "Kingdoms of Heaven"

from the standpoint of the Apostle John living before the Great Commission was finished - and before Satan was "loosened"

from the Bottomless Pit and was given spiritual RULE ("dominion") over the Fourth Kingdom during his "Little Season".

Rev 17:1     And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me,

                    Come hither, I will show unto thee the Judgment of the Great Whore [Babylon] that sitteth upon [rules over]

                    many waters [many gospels]  2  With whom the Kings of the earth [the wheat] have committed fornication,

                    and the inhabitants of the earth [the tares] have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Rev 17:5      And upon her [the whore's] forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,

                    the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth  6  And I saw the Women drunken with the blood of the Saints,

                    and with the blood of martyrs of Jesus; and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.  7  And the angel said

                    unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the Woman and the Beast that carries her,

                    which hath Seven Heads and Ten Horns.

The "Mystery of Babylon" is actually very simple to understand... within the Biblical CONTEXT of Daniel's Four Kingdoms.

The Apostle John saw a 7-Headed Beast that "was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit, and go into Perdition".

His prophecy was showing the state of the "Kingdom of God" while it was still within the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven".

In this passage, John does not reveal anything about the "Season and Time" on earth after the Revelation Beasts are destroyed.

John describes "Mystery of Babylon" at the time of the vision... before Satan is loosened to "ascend out of the Bottomless Pit".

Rev:17:8     The Beast that thou saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit, and go into Perdition:

                    and they [the Foolish Virgins of the 4th Beast] that dwell on the earth [during the Great tribulation]

                    shall wonder, whose name were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world,

                    when they behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is [when the Revelations Beast arises].

​The Beast (Kingdom) that John saw "was" because Satan's spiritual Kingdom "was" ruling before being "bound" at the Cross.

The Beast "is not" because Satan's Kingdom had been "bound" in the Bottomless Pit during the time John was seeing the vision.

The same Beast (the same Kingdom) will "ascend out of the Bottomless Pit" at the sound of the 5th Trumpet (also the "1st Woe").

The same Kingdom of Satan (the same 7-Headed Beast) will "go into Perdition" at the end of the "2nd Woe" as Satan's Kingdom

(represented by the Revelation Beast) is "cast alive" into the "Burning Flame" [Dan 7:12] and/or into the "Lake-of-Fire" [Rev 19:20].

The Beast that "was" represents the Kingdom of Satan during Daniel's (1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom and (2nd) Jewish Kingdom.

The Beast that "is not" represents the Kingdom of Satan during Daniel's (3rd) Christian Kingdom - while Satan was "bound"

in the Bottomless Pit.  The Beast "ascending" out of the Bottomless Pit represents the Kingdom of Satan during the "1st Woe".

And the Beast that "goes into Perdition" is the Kingdom of Satan as it's destroyed after the "2nd Woe", when the Fourth Beast,

the "Kingdom of Babylon", is Judged by God and then "cast alive" into eternal torment of the "Burning Flame" or "Lake-of-Fire".

Rev 17:9      And here is the mind which hath wisdom, The SEVEN HEADS are seven Mountains [seven Kings/Kingdoms]

                    on which the Woman [Babylon] sitteth [rules over]. 10  And there are Seven Kings; FIVE ARE FALLEN,

                    AND ONE IS, and the other [the Seventh King] is not yet come: [is still a future event after John's vision]

                    and when he comes, he must continue for a SHORT SPACE [aka, during Satan's "Little Season"].


The SEVEN HEADS on the Revelations Beast (ruled by the "whore" Babylon) represent seven "Kings" and/or "Mountains".

These Kings are also shown as the SEVEN HEADS of Daniel's four Kingdoms.  They include one head/king from Daniel's

(1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom (Lion), another head/king from Daniel's (2nd) Jewish Kingdom (Bear).  It includes four heads/kings

from Daniel's (3rd) Christian Kingdom (Leopard) and the last head/king is from Daniel's (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom...

namely, the Anti-Christ ("Little Horn" or "False Prophet"), for a total of seven "Heads", seven "Kings", seven "Mountains".

Five Kings "are fallen" because (when the Apostle John saw the vision) the head/king from Daniel's (1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom

and the head/king from Daniel's (2nd) Jewish Kingdom were both "fallen".  In addition, three (out of the four) heads/kings from

Daniel's (3rd) Christian Kingdom were also "fallen"... for a total of FIVE FALLEN KINGS.  The last remaining head/king of

the New Testament Kingdom had not yet "fallen" because the last head/king in the (3rd) Christian Kingdom was also the author

of the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John.  When John had the vision, the "King" of the (1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom (Adam)

and the "King" of the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom (Abraham) were both "fallen".  In addition, three (out of the four) "Kings" in

the (3rd) Christian Kingdom (James, Peter and Paul) had also already "fallen"... for a total of FIVE FALLEN KINGS.

​The one King that "is not yet come" [Rev 17:10] is the "Little Horn" or "False Prophet" of the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom.

This is the Seventh "King" that arises after the "testimony" of the Two Witnesses was "finished" (after the Great Commission),

when Satan is "loosened" from the Bottomless Pit and given spiritual "dominion" over the "Wise Virgins" during the "1st Woe".

It's the Seventh King that led the "Ten Virgins" out of the (3rd) Christian Kingdom, as we "went forth" into the Fourth Kingdom.

It's the Seventh King that "overcomes" and then "kills" the Saints during the Reign of the First Revelation "Beast".  However,

the Seventh King only "continues a short space" [Rev 17:10].  The Seventh King suffers an apparently fatal wound at the END

of the "1st Woe".  But later he's resurrected as the EIGHTH "King"... during the "2nd Woe", the "image" of the First Beast.

Rev 17:11    And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is THE EIGHTH, and is OF THE SEVEN,

                     and [the Eighth Head/King] goeth into Perdition.

The EIGHTH King of the Revelations Beast is "of the seven" because that King is the same "False Prophet" (the 7th King)

after he has been 'resurrected' from his near fatal "wound", suffered at the end of the "1st Woe".  The Eighth King is the same

False Prophet ruling over the "image" of the First Revelations Beast.  This shows the Fourth Kingdom during the 6th Trumpet

(the "2nd Woe").  It is this Eighth King that made everyone (living in the 4th Kingdom) worship the "image" of the First Beast.

It was this Eighth King that caused everyone (in the 4th Beast) to take the "Mark of the Beast".  It was this Eighth King that was

cast alive into the "Burning Flame" or "Lake-of-Fire" at the end of the 4th Kingdom - as the Eighth King "goeth into Perdition".

The "Mystery of Babylon" is a New Testament Commentary on Daniel's Four Kingdoms... from the standpoint of the Apostle John

(the last of four New Testament "Kings"), living before the Great Commission was finished - and before Satan was "loosened" from

the Bottomless Pit and given "dominion" to rule (through his chief emissary the Anti-Christ) during the Great Tribulation Kingdom.

Saint John's vision reveals "Mystery Babylon" as being Satan's Kingdom (the "whore") during each of the FOUR KINGDOMS

on earth before the Lord Returns to establish the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven".  John's vision also reveals the true nature of

the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom includes two (2) separate "Trumpet Judgments", two separate "Woes", two separate "Beasts"

and two "Heads/Kings".  And John's vision also reveals the Seventh "Head/King" - and Eighth "Head/King" are the same person,

namely the "Little Horn" and/or "False Prophet" ruling over Daniel's Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven", during Satan's "Little Season". 

Of course all these Biblical "mysteries" were never known (by any Saint) because understanding remained "closed-up" and "sealed",

until this "time-of-the-End, or the "Season and Time" on earth - after the Fourth Beast (Revelation Beasts) have been destroyed..

In fact, all previous eschatology (Catholic and Protestant) is proven contrary to many Scriptures - proving them incorrect and

invalid - because those eschatologies were developed when the Bible promises the Truth remained "closed-up" and "sealed".

Rev 17:18     And the Woman [the "whore" Babylon] which thou saw is that Great City [Satan's Kingdom]

                      which reigneth over the Kings of the earth [rules over the people living in Daniel's Four Beasts].

The "Kingdom of Babylon" is Satan's Kingdom as it rules ("reigneth over") the "wheat and tares" (the "Kings of the earth")

during each of Daniel's four Kingdoms  before the Lord Jesus Christ Returns to gather all the Last Saints (the "Wise Virgins")

out of the "Kingdom of Babylon"... as the Lord commands [Rev 18:4] "Come out of her, My people" during the "Final Harvest".

Note: In the Bible, the term "Kings of the earth" represents (a) the wheat or (b) the tares or (c) both, depending on the context.

         In the Bible, the "Kingdom of Babylon" represents Satan's Kingdom during each of Daniel's Four earthly Kingdoms.

         This Biblical mystery remained "sealed" from all Saints until the current "time-of-the-end" and/or the "Season and Time"

         after destruction of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven"... which is the reason the Bible specifically NAMES

         Satan's Kingdom on earth as being "Mystery Babylon".


Footnote #6:  There are only Two "Kingdoms

There are only two Kingdoms - and all men belong to one.  As a result of the fall of angels (Satan being the chief)

and the fall of mankind (beginning with Adam and Eve), Satan rules this earth - and all the men that are born into it.

As a result of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, while captive to Satan, by God's Grace some men are transferred

into the "Kingdom of God".  All those within the "Kingdom of God" identify with the God (and the Gospel) of the Bible.

* At the time of this transfer only the SOUL is "born-again".  Saints do not receive their immortal and incorruptible bodies

until the Resurrection - at the Lord's Return during the Seventh Trumpet (Third Woe).

At the time of the flood the "Kingdom of Heaven" consisted of a total of eight souls (on the Ark), with possibly one (1) million souls

belonging to Satan's "Kingdom of "Babylon".  At the end of the (2nd) Jewish / Old Testament "Kingdom of Heaven" there was a nation

of about seven (7) million people identified with God - again just a fraction of those did not belong to the "Kingdom of Satan" (Babylon).

Studies show now there are about three (3) BILLION who identify themselves as Christians of the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven",

but the vast majority of those calling themselves "Christian" are really unsaved "tares/goats" (sown by Satan) and relatively few are really

saved "wheat/sheep/saints" (sown by God) [Mat 13:3-9 and Mat 13:18-23 and Mat 13:24-30 and Mat 13:36-43 and Mat 13:47-50]


While "identifying" with the God of the Bible allows inclusion within the (3rd) New Testament / Christian "Kingdom of Heaven"...

it does NOT indicate a state of Regeneration - it does not indicate inclusion in the eternal "Kingdom of God".  (see chapters 3 and 5)

If we understand there are both true and false believers (saved "wheat" and unsaved "tares") in each temporal "Kingdom of Heaven",

and true believers (saved "wheat") always follow both the God and THE GOSPEL of the Bible... then we also know (at best) only those

identifying with traditional Protestant Theology show any evidence (any "fruit") of their Election, as the Catholic churches are based on

a false (works) gospel - and most Protestant churches are preaching false gospels (of "Semi-Pelagianism" or "Arminianism"), because

they have been corrupted by the "leaven" of the unsaved "tares" - as the Bible foretold would happen.  A major PART of the Gospel

is about the unsaved "tares" (sown by Satan) corrupting the temporal (3rd) Christian "Kingdoms of Heaven".

Therefore, of the 20% of world population identifying with the Protestant Gospel, only a small fraction (maybe 2%)

identify with the True Gospel of Sovereign Grace - historically found in "Reformed" or "Orthodox" Protestant theology.

However, not all of that 2% claiming to follow the True Gospel are really Elected to Salvation - there are both "wheat and tares".

From a Biblical standpoint, we know that only the "Wise Virgins" of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven"

escape God's Final Judgment on the "House of God" (see chapter 8.4) and enter into the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven". 

And we also know, from the Scriptures, at the "end-of-time" these Wise Virgins are SO FEW that "even a child could count them".


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