Chapter 10.1   -   Overview of the End-of-the-World

This prophecy revealed many Biblical mysteries which remained "closed-up" and "sealed" (to all Saints) until this "new song"

was preached by the Last Saints - during the "Season and Time" after the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven",

and during the "time-of-the-endwhen the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound". 

After four separate "Kingdoms of Heavenon earth, only the Last Saints (the "wise virgins" of the Fourth Kingdom) were able 

to understand these "sealed" Biblical mysteries.  Only we could "seethe historical fulfillment of all the prophetic events ("signs")

which occurred exactly as the BIBLE PROMISED.  See chapter 2.


This "new song", in itself, is the historical fulfillment of the LAST SIGN on earth before (a) the Lord Jesus Christ returns in Glory,

and (b) all the saved "wheat/sheep" from history are resurrected and (c) the Last Saints are "changed" (in the "twinkling of an eye")

into our eternal and incorruptible spiritual bodies.  See Chapter 4.

Note:  In the Bible, the term "Saint" applies to every saved "wheat" and/or "sheep" in any of the "Kingdoms of Heaven".  However,

the term Last Saint applies to the "wise virgins" who "went forth" into the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven". [Mat 25:1-13]


The context of the "new song" of the Last Saints is related to "unsealing" prophecies about the four temporal "Kingdoms of Heaven"

on earth before the Lord Jesus Returns to establish the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth.  We also, for the first time ever,

demonstrate (from Scripture) the difference between the five "Kingdoms of Heaven" on earth... and one "Kingdom of God" on earth.

Remember, it was GOD (not us) who specifically NAMED four of the five "Kingdoms of Heaven".  That fact cannot be disputed.

We revealed the historical fulfillment of each of the five separate "Kingdoms of Heaven" on earth.  Chapter 2

We revealed the historical fulfillment of "Babylon the Great", existing throughout all of human history.  Chapter 7 

We revealed the historical fulfillment of the "Season and Time", after destruction of the Revelation "Beast".  Chapter 1  

We revealed the historical fulfillment of Daniel's "Abomination of Desolation", set-up during the Fourth Kingdom.  Chapter 8  

We even revealed the chronology of events occurring in the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven", and in the "Season and Time".  Chapter 9 

It was always God's Plan that:

(a) Only the Last Saints on earth "shall understand" any of these "closed-up" and "sealed" Biblical mysteries, and  [Dan 12:8-10]

(b) Only the Last Saints "shall see" the historical fulfillment of all the Great Tribulation prophecies ("signs") and  [Mat 24:15,33]

(c) We "prophesy again" about mysteries revealed from the "open book" as the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound" [Rev 10:7-11]





Having preached the "new song", we will now talk briefly about the END OF THE WORLD.

As we have already revealed (chapters 8 and 9) the end-of-the-world occurs after God finishes TWO JUDGMENTS. 



The First Judgment was on the "House of God"... containing all the "wheat and tares" from each of the four "Kingdoms of Heaven".

This Judgment is complete.  Basically, the "wise virgins" were Judged in the Fifth Trumpet Judgment (the First Woe), 

while all of the "foolish virgins" were Judged during the Sixth Trumpet Judgment (or the Second Woe).

These "wise and foolish virgins" represented ALL of the "wheat and tares" throughout history.  

The Second Judgment of God is on Satan's "Kingdoms of Man", which includes all of the physical and political governments

of the world.  This judgment has just begun.  The church has always understood the Judgment of God on the "wheat and tares"

(i.e., the Final Harvest) occurs before God's Judgment on all of Satan's "Kingdoms of Man", or all of the governments of the world.

See chapter 8.4 for details about how the church has never understood (the nature or scope of) these TWO JUDGMENTS by God.

                                                                                    So this is how it all ends:


When the Seventh Trumpet sounds, when the (eternal) Third Woe begins, the Lord Jesus does not immediately appear to the world

("and art to come").  Moreover, Satan's physical/political "Kingdoms of Man" (world governments) are not immediately destroyed.

Instead, there's a process of destruction that occurs, much like during Noah's Flood or in the destruction of Sodom, when mankind

becomes aware that (a) only God can save them now... and that (b) God has already forsaken them. This process is recorded below.

Rev 11:14    The Second Woe is past; and, behold, the Third Woe cometh quickly.  15  And the Seventh angel sounded;

                    and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord,

                    and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.  16  And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on

                    their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshiped God,  17  Saying, We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty,  which art                          and wast, AND ART TO COME; because Thou hast [now] taken to Thee Thy great power, and hast reigned


Rev 11:18    And the nations were angry, and Thy Wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that

                    Thou should give reward unto Thy servants the Prophets, and to the Saints, and them that fear Thy Name, small and great;

                    and should destroy them which destroy the earth

                           -------------------------------     Context of Revelation 11:14-18:     -------------------------------- 

(1)  After the Seventh Trumpet sounds [after the Second Woe is past, at the start of the Third Woe]... verse 15

(2)  After the "Kingdoms of this world" [after all the governments of man] "ARE BECOME" the Lord's... verse 15

(3)  Before the Lord Jesus Christ actually appears to the Kingdoms of this world... "AND ART TO COME"... verse 17

(4)  During the period (Third Woe) when the Lord "has [now] taken to Thee Thy great power and HAST reigned"... verse 17

(5)  During the period (Third Woe) when "Thy wrath hast come", for the unsaved to be judged and the Saints rewarded... verse 18

            Rev 11:17   Saying, We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, AND ART TO COME;

            because thou [now, at the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet], has taken to Thee Thy great power, and hast reigned.


The FIRST Judgment was on the "House of God"... this Judgment was finished before the destruction of the Revelation Beast(s):

This was during the Fifth Trumpet Judgment (1st Woe) for all of the last "wheat/sheep" on earth - in the First Revelation "Beast",

and during the Sixth Trumpet Judgment (the 2nd Woe) for all of the last "tares/goats" on earth - in the Second Revelation "Beast".

This Judgment demonstrates all the "wheat" (throughout history) would be saved - and all the "tares" would suffer eternal torment.


The SECOND Judgment of God is on Satan's "Kingdoms of Man" (the governments of the world)... this Judgment has just begun:

This (final) Judgment occurs after the "Season and Time" and/or the "time-of-the-end" when the Last Saints preach the "new song".

This Judgment happens during the Seventh Trumpet Judgment (the 3rd Woe), which is also the period that represents all of eternity.

These people are Judged and Sentenced to endure eternal torment, as they JOIN THE BEAST of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven".

So, the Bible promises TWO JUDGMENTS from God, separated by the "Season and Time" after destruction of the Fourth "Beast".

You can read about this reality by comparing Rev. 19:20 (as the Revelation "Beast", and "False Prophet" or Anti-Christ are Judged),

and Rev. 20:10 where Satan and all of his "Kingdoms of Man" (world governments) JOIN THE BEAST within the "Lake-of-Fire".


Rev. 19:20   And the [Revelation] Beast was taken, and with him the False Prophet [the Anti-Christ] that wrought miracles

                    before him [before the Beast], with which he [the Anti-Christ] deceived them [in the Beast] that had received

                    the Mark of the Beast, and them that worshiped his image. THESE BOTH [the Beast and the False Prophet]

                    were cast alive into a lake-of-fire burning with brimstone.

Rev. 20:10   And the Devil [Satan] that deceived them [the world] was cast [alive] into the lake-of-fire and brimstone,

                    where the [Revelation] Beast and the False Prophet are, and [Satan] shall be tormented day and night

                    for ever and ever. [Satan and his kingdom now JOIN THE BEAST in the "lake-of-fire"]


We are currently living at the beginning of the final period on earth - the period when the Seventh Trumpet (and Third Woe) begins.

Earlier chapters had mentioned we were living during the "Season and Time".  However, as this prophecy has taken time to write, we

have now PAST that period.  We are now living in the time of the Seventh Trumpet (the Third Woe), as described in Rev. 11:14-18.


Chapter 10.2   -   For people of the world:

People of the world today don't "see" this Tower of Babel collapsing around them.  Like the people of Noah's day, they remain blind

until the flood has them seeking higher ground (then they clearly understand that ONLY God can save them... and that He will not). 

Already we see several countries that are in the beginning of experiencing the final collapse - but the world will continue to pretend

this is "just another recession" (that Central Banks will just print more money)... or that some miracle of technology will save them.

This is an excellent example of the most common religion on the earth today - the Satanic religion known as "Secular Humanism".



Most of the world follows this religion of "Secular Humanism", where they pretend that man (not God) directs the course of history.

Whether you're a "tare" in the Christian Kingdom, or a Jew, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, etc., you can still be a "Humanist",

by pretending that mankind is "sovereign and autonomous", and controls history.  Because only GOD is Sovereign and Autonomous.

God alone controls the course of history.  All Saints understand, and appreciate, this reality - as men cannot even control themselves, much less govern the moral behavior, the resources and economy of the entire world... or control the climate of the whole earth. LOL

As a result of being a "Humanist", many of the "tares/goats" associated with both the (2nd) Jewish "Kingdom of Heaven" and the

(3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven" (which continue to exist to the last day, but without any "dominion"), and those OUTSIDE

of the "Kingdoms of Heaven", will continue to pretend there's some kind of man-made "solution" to the current condition of the

world - where "natural disasters", general chaos, revolutions, and "wars and rumors of wars" have been increasing exponentially

since the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet.  There are no man-made "solutions" for the end-of-this-world and every "solution"

that men (or governments) are now trying - or will try, during this Final Judgment... continue to fail quickly and completely.    

Mankind, being the "Humanists" they are, cannot accept this reality.  They will continue to pretend they are in control and they,

just like during Noah's day, will KNOW NOT until the Resurrection occurs and the Lord Jesus Christ returns in Glory.  Current events, around the world, are just the beginning of God's SECOND JUDGMENT on Satan and his "Kingdoms of Man".  It will

get much worse before the Last Day, and there's nothing that any man - or any government of men - can do to delay the Last Day,

which will (shortly) be fulfilled at God's appointed year/month/day and hour.

Rev 10:7  But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished,

                 as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.  8  And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and 

                 said, Go and take the Little Book [of "sealed" Biblical mysteries] which is open [is now being revealed] in the hand of

                 the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.  9  And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the

                 Little Book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth

                 sweet as honey.  10  And I took the Little Book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as

                 honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.  11  And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before

                 many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. [the Last Saints, the "Wise Virgins", preach to the world things

                 which had remained "sealed" to all Saints... until the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound"]


It gives us, the Last Saints living during the "Days of the Seventh Angel", great pleasure to have these Biblical mysteries "unsealed

for the first time in history.  In that sense it's "sweet as honey" to understand and to preach the "new song" which is only revealed

to the "wise virgins", after the destruction of the Revelation Beast(s).  However, since this "new song" reveals all those left-behind

in the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom, and all those left-behind in the (3rd) Christian Kingdom, and all those who were left-behind during

the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heavenhave no hope of salvation after the "Door was Shut" during the Fourth Beast...

because we all have friends and family that were left-behind... in that sense our prophecy makes "our belly bitter".  In any case,

God has now fulfilled His promise that the mystery of God should be finishedas He hath declared to His servants the prophets.

Chapter 10.3   -   For "Christians" of the world

The fact is, most "Christians" are not even looking for the Lord's Return.  Instead, they are looking for the rise of the "Anti-Christ",

to WARN them that the end is near.  They believe this Anti-Christ will rise-up to rule the world... but that's just a ridiculous notion 

based on (a) a translation error in a couple of verses and (b) the error of thinking the Anti-Christ (the man called the "Little Horn"

in the Old Testament, and the "False Prophetor "the Beast" in the New Testament) RULES over all of Satan's "Kingdoms of Man

(all of the physical/political governments in the world).  Instead, as shown repeatedly throughout this end-time prophecy, the reign

of the Anti-Christ is exclusive to the "Ten Virgins" living within the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth.

Mat 25:1    Then [at that time] shall the [Fourth or Great Tribulation] "Kingdom of Heaven"

                   be likened unto [look like] TEN VIRGINS [also called the ten "Kings" and the ten "Horns"]

                   which took their lamps [took their Gospels] and went forth [from the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven"

                   into the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven"] to meet the Bridegroom [meet the Returning Lord Jesus Christ]

In fact, the Anti-Christ only rules over a spiritual Kingdom... specifically the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth, also shown as;

Daniel's Fourth Beast, the Revelation Beast, the Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven" and Satan's "Little Season" (See chapter 2).

The fact that everyone is waiting for the rise of the Anti-Christ to WARN them that the end is near - is the reason why all these folks

"KNEW NOT" about the nearness of the Lord's Return.  Just as it was never God's Plan for the Jews to understand the END of their

(2nd) "Kingdom of Heaven", so also, it was never God's Plan for Christians to understand the END of their "Kingdom of Heaven".

The fact the Anti-Christ (only) rules over the spiritual "Kingdom of Heaven" is one of the "sealed" mysteries of the "new song".

Mat 24:37    But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the Coming of the Son of man be 38  For as in the days

                    that were before the Flood they [all the unsaved] were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,

                    until the day that Noe entered into the ark,  39  And [they] KNEW NOT until the flood came, and took them all away;

                    so shall also the Coming of the Son of man be. [the unsaved now are just as unaware - as they were in Noah's world]

Make no mistake, many people THINK they will have some advance warning of the Lord's Return - when they see the rise

of the infamous "Anti-Christ".  But they are all living within a very "strong delusion" because they are saying that God is LYING

when He PROMISED that "the Coming of the Son of man" will be as the days of Noah, when they "KNEW NOT" until they were seeking higher ground.  People today can believe whatever they want, but they are contradicting God when they pretend that seeing

the rise of the Anti-Christ will be their WARNING of the Lord's soon Return.  They incorrectly believe the Anti-Christ rules over

the physical and political "Kingdoms of Man"... when he ONLY rules over the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven".  

The END of this story has already been written (in stone) and, as the Seventh Trumpet now "begins to sound", the LAST SIGN

(the "new song" of the Last Saints) is finished - and all that's left is the final process of destruction in which God destroys Satan

and all of his "Kingdoms of Man"... all the physical and political world governments.  Just like the destruction of the first world,

when everyone (except Noah) "KNEW NOT" until they were seeking higher ground, the Bible promises at the Seventh Trumpet, 

"so shall also the Coming of the Son of Man be".  Any gospel that doesn't teach this reality is (at best) only some partial-truth.

No doubt all the "Christians" on earth, (who were unable to "understand" the unsealed mysteries - nor able to "see" the last "signs")

will object to this reality.  They will protest that THEY are not unsaved "tares/goats"... but that is exactly what the Bible promised

they would say after He "SHUT THE DOOR", and they could see that they were "thrust out" from the eternal "Kingdom of God".

This is fundamental Biblical Truth - that was already harmonized with all related Scriptures.  (See chapters 3, 5 and 6)

The people referenced in the passages below are the "Christians" living on earth during the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet.

They are the people living on earth when the Lord Returns - and they sincerely thought they were (saved) "wheat/sheep".

As you can see in the passages... they were sincerely wrong.  They never "understood" the revealed mysteries and they

never "saw" the historical fulfillment of prophecies ("signs") from the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven".

Like the people of the world, they "KNEW NOT" about the end.  To them He comes "like a thief in the night".

Luk 13:24    Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for MANY [tares], I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

                    25 When once the Master of the House [the Lord Jesus] is risen up, and hath SHUT THE DOOR, [the Final Harvest]

                    and YE [tares] begin to stand without [outside of the 5th Kingdom], and to knock at the Door, saying, Lord, Lord,

                    open unto us; and He shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:

Luk 13:26   Then shall ye [tares] BEGIN to say, we have eaten and drunk in Thy Presence, and Thou hast taught in our streets.

                    [they LOOKED like real Christians]  27  But He shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from Me,

                    all ye workers of iniquity.  28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when YE [tares] shall see Abraham, and

                    Issac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the [Eternal] KINGDOM OF GOD, and you yourselves THRUST OUT.

No doubt "Christians" now on earth (those who call Jesus their "Lord"), will be shocked to learn they were left-behind during

the "harvestof the "Ten Virginsinto the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven". They will be distraught to learn "THEY KNEW NOT"

about the END of their (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven".  Imagine the dismay of all the people outside of the Kingdom, like

the Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, Pagans, etc... when they discover life was NEVER

about "social justice" or "climate change".  Instead, life was always, and only, about obeying (and glorifying) the Lord Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, as revealed in the Gospel (the "new song") of the Last Saints - during the "Season and Time" or "time-of-the-end",

the Bible clearly provided an outline of all the historical events that would occur to those "wheat and tares" who were "harvested"

out of the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven".  However, just as it was never God's intention for the Jews who were left-behind

to understand the END of their (2nd) "Kingdom of Heaven", neither was it God's intention for the Christians who were left-behind

to understand the END of their (3rd) "Kingdom of Heaven".  As it was in the days of Noah they "KNEW NOT" about God's Plans.

The OUTLINE of the chronology of events occurring during the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven" (Revelation Beast)

is provided in Chapter 9.6.  With a more detailed description of these events harmonized in Chapters 9.7 through Chapter 9.10. 


Note: many professed "scholars" like to proclaim that "no man can know the day or hour of the Lord's Return"... and that is correct!

But that does NOT mean we can dismiss Matthew 25:1-13.  Obviously there is MUCH we can (and should) know about His Return.

(a) There's no need to know the "day or hour" when God reveals "sealed" mysteries - and historical fulfillment of end-time "signs".

(b) We have NEVER claimed to know anything about the "day or hour" of His Return in Glory... we only claim (as does the Bible)

that the Last Saints provide the last "sign" before His Return - by preaching the "new song" explaining Daniel's "unsealed mysteries"

(which the Bible insists we "shall understand")... and by preaching the historical fulfillment of Great Tribulation prophecies ("signs")

which the Bible insists we "shall see ALL these things" occur before His Return.  Again, this reality has been covered in Chapter 4.

The Lord comes as a "thief in the night" for all of the unsaved [1Th 5:1-5]... but He does NOT come as a thief for the Last Saints who

God promised "shall see" the historical fulfillment of all the Great Tribulation "signs", and who "shall understand" Daniel's "sealed" prophecies about the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth - and the "Season and Time" after destruction of the Revelation Beasts.


No doubt those "Christians" who were left-behind in the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven", and those "foolish virgins" of the

(4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven", will protest that this prophecy cannot be from God - because they have never heard

of such a thing before... and because it contradicts their "gospel".  But that is the point entirely.  God promised that NONE of the

unsaved will be able to understand or accept the "new song" of the Last Saints - preached as the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound".

That means none of the people in the Second, Third or Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven", and none of those OUTSIDE of the Kingdom.

The Bible clearly declares [Rev 10], as the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound" (that's the context of WHEN this event occurs),

God reveals to the Last Saints (that's the context of WHO is involved), unsealed mysteries from the "little book which is open"

(that's the context of WHAT is involved).  God then commands these Last Saints to "prophesy again" before peoples, and nations

and tongues, and kings (that's the context of WHERE this event occurs), so that the "mystery of God should be finished, as He hath

declared to His servants the prophets" (that's the context of WHY this event occurs). 

However, God has also promised that NONE of the unsaved will understand -or- accept the "new song" of the Last Saints.

Not any of the unsaved "tares/goats" from the Third -or- Fourth "Kingdoms of Heaven"... much less any of those (billions of) 

lost souls who are outside of these "Kingdoms of Heaven".  The popular heresy that all religions lead to God is the OPPOSITE

of the only True Gospel, which teaches there is ONE WAY to God.  That heresy is the "fruit" of those who are "children of Satan".

Only the Last Saints (the "wise virgins" of the Fourth Kingdom) can declare the Who/What/When/Where and Why of the END,

as we now fulfill God's PROMISE that the "mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets",

as the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound".  This prophecy is fulfillment of that Bible promise, and NO ONE has been able to find

even ONE VERSE from the Bible to refute this prophecy.  See the "recipients page" for a partial list of theologians unable to refute.

We invite all readers to try to do better.  

Chapter 10.4  -  Summary of the "new song" of the Last Saints (the "wise virgins")


In addition to the information presented above, about the TWO JUDGMENTS of God, and all the information in previous chapters,

the summary of the "new song" (below) lists many of the Biblical mysteries which remained "closed-up" and "sealed" (to all Saints)

until revealed to the LAST SAINTS (the "wise virgins" of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven").  As noted repeatedly in this prophecy

only the Last Saints "shall understand" these revelations, only the Last Saints "shall see" fulfillment of all these end-time "signs".

At least that is what the Bible PROMISES.

  (1)  The "Kingdom of Heaven" is an earthly Kingdom.

  (2)  The sower of good seed represents the Lord Jesus Christ.

  (3)  The sower of bad seed represents Satan, the King of Babylon.

  (4)  The "Word of the Kingdom" (the seed) is the Gospel of the New Testament.

  (5)  The "field" represents the world - as the Gospel goes forth to both Jew and Gentile.

  (6)  The "fruit" of the field (both wheat and tares) represents the (3rd) "Kingdom of Heaven".

  (7)  The "Word of the Kingdom" gathers good fish and bad fish during the (3rd) Christian Kingdom.

  (8)  The (saved) "wheat" and the (unsaved) "tares" LOOK similar, and grow together until the end-of-the-age.

  (9)  At the end-of-the-age, the "wheat and tares" (the good fish and bad fish) are separated - during the "Final Harvest".

(10)  In the Bible, the "Kingdom of Heaven" represents the (many) unsaved "tares" and/or the (few) saved "wheat"

         associated with the "Word of the Kingdom" (preaching of the Gospel) during the FOUR KINGDOMS on earth.

         However, the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven" contains only the saved "wheat" from each of the Four Kingdoms.

(11)  We now have Biblical validation the term "Kingdom of Heaven" represents the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom [Matthew 22:2]

        ... and we have Biblical validation that the "Kingdom of Heaven" represents the (3rd) Christian Kingdom [Matthew 13]

        ... and we have Biblical validation that the "Kingdom of Heaven" represents the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom [Mat 25:1-13]

        ... and we have Biblical validation that the "Kingdom of Heaven" represents the (5th) Eternal Kingdom of Heaven [Mat 5, 7, 8, 19]

(12)  The first "Kingdom of Heaven" was the (1st) Pre-Flood Kingdom, which contained all Saints from Adam to Noah.  When this

          Kingdom was finished all living Saints were "harvested", on Noah's Ark, into the (2nd) Old Testament "Kingdom of Heaven",

          which included all the Saints in national Israel.  When this Kingdom was complete all living Saints were then "harvested" into

          the (3rd) New Testament "Kingdom of Heaven", which included all Saints within the Christian Kingdom.  When this Kingdom

          was finished all living Saints were "harvested" into the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom, which consisted of the "Ten Virgins".

          There are four (4) temporal "Kingdoms of Heaven" on earth before the Lord establishes the (5th) eternal "Kingdom of Heaven".

(13)  In the Bible, the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" is shown as (a) Daniel's Fourth Beast and (b) the 7-Headed Revelations Beast.

         It's shown as (c) the Great Tribulation Kingdom.  It's shown as (d) the Reign of the Anti-Christ during (e) Satan's "Little Season".

         In other words, the people living during Daniel's Fourth Beast - are the same people alive during the 7-Headed Revelations Beast.

         They are the same people living in the Great Tribulation Kingdom - the same people living during the Reign of the Anti-Christ.

         The people alive in Daniel's Fourth Kingdom are the same people who are "overcome" and "killed" in Satan's "Little Season".

(14)  Daniel's Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" is also shown from FIVE different perspectives, demonstrating different aspects

         of the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom.  It's not possible to find more than partial-truths about the Fourth Kingdom unless

         we harmonize all relevant Scriptures - which includes over twenty-four passages showing the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" as:

          (a)  The Last Kingdom - consisting of Ten "Horns/Kings/Virgins" who God leads to "agree to give their Kingdom to the Beast"

          (b)  The Dual Kingdoms - consisting of two "Trumpets", two "Woes", two "Heads/Kings", and two separate/distinct "Beasts".

          (c)  The Four Watches of the Night - in which the Anti-Christ "overcomes" the Saints for a period of 3.5 "times/days/years".

          (d)  The Completed Kingdom - having Seven "Heads/Kings", representing all the "wheat" and "tares" living in each Kingdom.

          (e)  The Destroyed Kingdom - during the "time-of-the-end" and "Season and Time" on earth AFTER Daniel's Fourth Kingdom.

Even if we harmonized all the passages presenting Daniel's Fourth Beast as being (#1) the Last Kingdom before the Eternal Kingdom,

we still could not find more than some partial-truth unless we also harmonize all the passages presenting this Last Kingdom as being

(#2) Dual Kingdoms. And, even if we harmonize all those Scriptures, at best we would only have partial-truth until we also harmonize

all of the passages presenting Daniel's Fourth Kingdom as being (#3) four separate and distinct "Watches of the Night".  And even then,

after harmonizing these three different perspectives of Daniel's Fourth Kingdom, we still would only have found some partial-truth...

until we also harmonize all the passages showing the Great Tribulation Beast as being (#4) the Completed Kingdom of Seven "Heads",

and then as (#5) the Destroyed Kingdom during the "Season and Time" on earth AFTER the Great Tribulation has been completed.

(15)  When the Lord Jesus Returns in Glory the Saints are not preaching the Gospel of the (2nd) Jewish "Kingdom of Heaven",

         Saints are not preaching the Gospel of the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven", and Saints are not preaching the Gospel

         of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven".  Instead, when the Lord Returns (at the Seventh Trumpet) the Saints

         are preaching "unsealed" mysteries of Daniel's prophecies - and we are preaching fulfillment of Great Tribulation "signs".

         We know it's the LAST "sign" before the Lord Returns because this prophecy occurs during the "Season and Time"

         after the Fourth Kingdom [Dan 7:11-12, 7:26] and because it occurs [Rev 10:7-11] as the Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound".

         The reader is now seeing the historical fulfillment of the LAST SIGN on earth before the Lord Jesus Returns in Glory...

         whether the reader is able to "see" (recognize) the historical fulfillment of that prophetic "sign", or not.  In fact the Bible

         promises only the "wise virgins" would understand Daniel's prophecies - only they would "see" fulfillment of ALL "signs".

(16)  After understanding the Biblical definition of "Kingdom of Heaven" the next question becomes:  What's the difference between

         the phrase "Kingdom of Heaven" and the phrase "Kingdom of God"?  Throughout the entire (3rd) Christian Kingdom the Saints

         could never understand the difference - because that information remained "sealed" to them.  However, it was always God's Plan

         for this Biblical "mystery" to eventually be revealed by the last of the "Wise Virgins", during the current "Season and Time".

        The phrase "Kingdom of Heaven" is used thirty-three (33) times in the Bible and every time the phrase represents the

        many unsaved "tares" and/or the few saved "wheat", associated with preaching the "Word of the Kingdom" (the Gospel)

        during one of the four (4) Kingdoms on earth - or it represents only the "wheat" of the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven".

        The phrase "Kingdom of God" is used seventy (70) times in the Bible and every time it represents the Holy Spirit of God

        and/or the souls (but not the bodies) of the "wheat", who have been "born again" (regenerated) by His "indwelling" Spirit.

(17)  In the Bible, the "Kingdom of Babylon" represents Satan's Kingdom during each of Daniel's Four earthly Kingdoms.

         This Biblical mystery remained "sealed" from all Saints until the current "time-of-the-end" and/or the "Season and Time"

         after destruction of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven", which is the reason the Bible specifically NAMES

         Satan's Kingdom as being "Mystery Babylon".  See chapter 7 for details.

(18)  No denomination, church or pastor can pretend to be qualified to offer an informed opinion on Great Tribulation prophecies ("signs")

        unless they can first demonstrate their doctrines harmonize with ALL SCRIPTURES teaching the context of Great Tribulation passages

        are focused exclusively on the people (the "ten virgins") who "went forth" from the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven", as we followed

        the "Anti-Christ" into a period which the Bible specifically NAMES as being the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven" [Mat 25:1-13].  

        Note: it's GOD (not us) that specifically NAMES four of the five "Kingdoms of Heaven" on earth.  It's GOD that provides this context for us.

(19) The Last Saints really can understand "sealed" Biblical "mysteries" about events occurring immediately before the Lord Returns to establish

        the (5th) Eternal "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth.  Make no mistake... (a) the Last Saints were directed to look for specific "signs" before His 

        Imminent Return and (b) the Lord PROMISED the Last Saints "shall see all these things" (we would see the fulfillment of ALL the signs) 

        before His Return, and (c) the Bible PROMISED the Last Saints would also preach about the fulfillment of these end-time events, as the

        Seventh Trumpet "begins to sound".

(20)  For any denomination, church or preacher to ever be taken seriously they must ALSO be able to harmonize the "Season and Time"

        (or the "time-of-the-end") after the destruction of the Fourth (Revelation) Beast - also shown as the period after the Second Woe

        (Sixth Trumpet) is past... but before the Third Woe (Seventh Trumpet) begins. [Rev 11:14-15]  If their theology does not include

        the four (temporal) "Kingdoms of Heaven", followed by a brief "Season and Time" before the establishment of the Fifth

        (eternal) "Kingdom of Heaven"... then they cannot begin to harmonize their "gospel" with ALL related Scriptures. 

        Read Chapter 1.3 to see the "Season and Time" (or the "time-of-the-end") harmonized with related passages.

(21) The difference between the Christian Kingdom and Great Tribulation Kingdom is contrasted in Revelation 6:9-11.

        First, at the beginning of the (4th) Great Tribulation, the previously slain Saints cry out for Judgment - and they are told

        to wait a "Little Season" while all the "wise virgins" of the Great Tribulation Kingdom are (also) "killed", as they had been.

        This demonstrates the spiritual "dominion" of the Two Witnesses during the duration of the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom" because

        ALL of the Elect Saints were "sealed" (completing the "Body of Christ") before Satan could be "loosened" from the Bottomless Pit.

        However, the passage also shows the spiritual "dominion" of Satan and his "Anti-Christ" during Satan's "Little Season"...

        as they were able to "kill" the last (remaining) Saints - who had spiritual "dominion" throughout the entire Christian Kingdom.

        Here (again) we see the difference between (a) when the Saints "lived and reigned with Christ" and (b) when Satan rules after the Pit.

(22) The Great Tribulation ("Kingdom of Heaven") has been recognized by most Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant,

        as the period immediately preceding the Lord's Return.  In order to understand the chronology of events in this Revelation Beast

        we must first understand that the Great Tribulation is described as being four "watches of the night".  The Lord described this period

        as being the "night... when no man can work" (because our "testimony is finished" when all the lost "sheep" have been found and "saved") . 



(23) So, the Lord did not only reveal (although it remained "sealed" until now) that the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" would be a spiritual "night",

        when no man can "work" (because all the lost "sheep" have been found and our "testimony is finished"), the Lord even separated this "night"

        into four separate-and-distinct "watches of the night".  And the Lord also blessed all of the "wise virgins" living during the Fourth "Kingdom"

        because we are "watching" for His Return during the "second watch", and during the "third watch"... and during the "fourth watch" of the night.

        These are all historical events which must be fulfilled during the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven".  



(24) In fact, the Lord even NAMES each of these four "watches of the night".  And we know the Lord Returns during the FOURTH "watch"

        because there are several passages that indicate that the Anti-Christ - and the Revelation Beasts - are destroyed about half-way through

        the fourth "watch of the night".  Many different passages reveal that Satan (and his Anti-Christ) rule for 3.5 "watches/times/days/years". 

        Understanding the four "watches of the night" allows us to understand the chronology of events occurring during the Fourth Kingdom.

        These revelations of "sealed" mysteries allow for harmony of Scripture on events occurring AFTER the end of the Great Commission.



(25) The Lord Jesus Christ taught the (4th) Great Tribulation (Revelation) "Kingdom" would be a spiritual "night" because all of the "lost sheep"

        had already been found - and "sealed/saved/born-again" - before this "night" could begin.  And the Lord taught "the night" would occur when

        the Holy Spirit is "taken out of the way... only then could Satan be "loosened" from the "Bottomless Pit".  Moreover, the Lord actually NAMES

        EACH of the "four watches" before the Final Harvest, which is also the point (during the Fourth "Kingdom") when the "DOOR WAS SHUT".

        Obviously "no man can work" when our "testimony is finished"...  And it's very obvious that "no man can work" after "the door was shut".

(26) When the Bible says the Anti-Christ rules for 3.5 "times", that indicates he is destroyed during the fourth "watch of the night".

        When the Bible says the prophets lay dead in the street for 3.5 "days", that means they arise during the fourth "watch of the night".

        When the Bible says the Anti-Christ treads the Kingdom forty-two months (3.5 years) it means it ends in the fourth "watch of the night".

        No denomination, church or pastor can pretend to understand the events - or the chronology - of the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom unless

        they can separate Daniel's Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" (aka. the Revelation Beast) into four separate-and-distinct "watches/times/days/years".

        The "Woman" [the Last Saints] who are hidden from the face of the Serpent for 3.5 "times"  [Rev 12]

        The "Holy People" [the Last Saints] whose power is scattered by the Anti-Christ for 3.5 "times"  [Dan 7]

        The "Kings" [the Last Saints] that are given into his hand (into the Anti-Christ's hand) for 3.5 "times"  [Dan 7]

        The "Witnesses" [the Last Saints] which are first overcome, and then later killed, by Satan for 3.5 "days" [Rev 11]

        The "Holy City" [the Last Saints] which the Anti-Christ treads under foot for forty-two months or 3.5 "years"  [Rev 11]

        The "Kingdom" [the Last Saints] who are under the power of the Anti-Christ for forty-two months or 3.5 "years"  [Rev 13]

(27) These four "watches of the night" are shown as 3.5 "times" and 3.5 "days" and 3.5 "years" (forty-two months).  The events shown happening

        in the passages about these "times/days/years" all represent the same events, and the people living during these four "watches of the night"

        are all the same people... the same "wheat and tares" living on earth when the Lord Jesus Returns in Glory, and the Resurrection occurs.

        No denomination, no church or preacher can offer an informed opinion about these events (or these people) unless they can harmonize

        the four "watches of the night"... and the experiences of the ten "Horns/Kings/Virgins", which are shown in DOZENS of passages.​​​

(28) Before we can understand the chronology of the four "watches of the night" we need to know the duration of each "watch" and we need

        to remember that we are talking about Judgment on the "House of God"... with Judgment first coming on the "wheat and sheep" (Saints)

        during the First "watch of the night" (also called the Fifth Trumpet Judgment and/or the First Woe), and then God's Judgment comes on

        the unsaved "tares and goats" during the Second, Third and Fourth "watches of the night" (also called the Sixth Trumpet Judgment and

        the Second Woe).  Again, the four "watches of the night" are exclusive to the ten "Horns/Kings/Virgins" being RULED by Satan and

        by his "Anti-Christ" during (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven"... and does not include those (Jews, Moslems, Buddhists,

        Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, Pagans, Satanists, etc.) who are outside of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven".

(29) Each "watch of the night" (each prison of the Fourth Kingdom) lasted for exactly 2300 days*.  And we can know absolutely that these days

        are, in fact, LITERAL DAYS because the literal translation of the Scripture calls them 2300 "evenings and mornings" [Dan 8:14 and 8:26].  

        This makes perfect sense (and provides complete harmony of Scripture) when we remember Biblical days start - and end - at sunset.

        * Note: you must always remember the Fourth "watch" was "shortened" for the sake of the Elect [Mat 24:22]See Chapter 9.

We have already shown that (during the FIRST "watch of the night")

(30) The Fifth Trumpet - and First Woe - and the rise of the first Revelation Beast all occur at the same time... when Satan is "loosened".

        Satan's "Little Season" could not occur until after all the lost sheep had been saved - and the "Body of Christ" had been completed.



(31) Satan and his Anti-Christ were focused on attacking the Last Saints on earth (the "remnant" of the "wheat/sheep"). 

        They were focused on attacking those (very few individuals remaining on earth) "which keep the commandments of God,

        and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ".  The Anti-Christ did not care about apostate churches (either Catholic or Protestant).

(32) During the "Beginning of Sorrows" the kingdom of Satan attacks the Last Saints and God "Hides His Face" from the Saints as

        the Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven" was established when they "went forth" from their churches and began preaching

        the Gospel of the Anti-Christ.  This "Beginning of Sorrows" was also shown as the rise of the 7-Headed Revelation Beast.

        and it's shown as the rise of the "Little Horn" in Daniel's Fourth Kingdom/Beast.


(33) The Anti-Christ was a well known Bible teacher, with over 50 years experience preaching - and great admiration within most

        Reformed and traditional Orthodox Protestant churches.  The Anti-Christ was able to "overcome" the "ten virgins" because he

        was able to understand "dark sentences" (Biblical mysteries) and he came speaking "flatteries"... preaching a Reformed Gospel.


(34) The ten "Virgins/Horns/Kings" that follow the Anti-Christ "receive power as Kings one hour with the [first] Beast". 

        The ten "Virgins/Horns/Kings" have one mind "and shall give their power and strength unto the [first] Beast".

        The ten "Virgins/Horns/Kings" (to fulfill God's Will) "agree to give their Kingdom unto the [first] Beast".

        The ten "Virgins/Horns/Kings" (with the Anti-Christ) "shall place" or "set-up" Daniel's "Abomination".


(35) The Gospel of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" was about the SPECIFIC DATE the Lord Jesus Christ would Return in Glory.

        The first "watch of the night" (Fifth Trumpet/First Woe) ends when the Gospel of the Anti-Christ proves to be a false Gospel.

        At that time the Anti-Christ (seventh "head/king") received an apparently fatal wound (as he lost all credibility) and the

        "wise virgins" were spiritually "killed"... as they realize that God had forsaken them.  But the "foolish virgins" never

        admitted they preached a false Gospel, they repented not of their "sorceries".  Their inability to accept reality was

        one of the major "signs" for identifying the "wheat" from the "tares" during the later "watches of the night".



(36) Notice, while denominations, churches and preachers can only talk in abstract terms about fulfillment of Fourth Kingdom prophecies...

        we have explained the context of WHO is involved (the "ten virgins"), and we have already explained the context of WHAT was involved 

        (the Anti-Christ rules over the "ten virgins") and we have explained the context of WHEN the event happened (after the Great Commission)

        and we have explained the context of WHERE the events occurred (the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth), and we have already shown                  the context of HOW the events occurred (the Last Saints "agree to give their Kingdom" to the Revelation Beast), and we have even shown

        the context of WHY the events occurred (God hath "put it in their hearts to fulfill His Will" in Judgment beginning at the "House of God").

(37) Note: The only way we could know the START of the first "watch of the night" is by knowing the END was on September 6/7, 1994,

        and then counting backwards by 2300 days (the duration of each "watch").  Interestingly this start was one day before Pentecost 1988.

        How appropriate/ironic the start of the Revelation Beast was one day before the anniversary of the start of the Church Age at Pentecost.

We have already shown that (during the SECOND "watch of the night")


(38) The "Ten Virgins" are said to have "slumbered and slept", because they had no Gospel to preach after the "wise virgins" were "killed"

        and the First Revelation Beast suffered what appeared to be a fatal "wound" to one of it's "heads" (the Anti-Christ) when the Gospel

        of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" (preaching the DATE of the Lord's Return) was proven by to be a FALSE PROPHECY.


(39) During the days "immediately after the Tribulation" of the first "watch of the night", the Saints (the light-givers) remained silent 

        because we realized God had forsaken us - and allowed us to be "overcome" and "killed" by the Anti-Christ during the First Beast.

        That is the only understanding that harmonizes with all Scripture.  And this is exactly how it is documented in recent history (reality).

(40) It was always God's expressed Plan (see Chapter 8.4) that His Judgment BEGINS with the "House of God".

        That God would Judge the "wise virgins" during the FIRST Revelation Beast... and He would provide them with help...

        then He would Judge the "foolish virgins" (and the Anti-Christ), as a SHAKING of a tree, during the SECOND Revelation Beast.


(41) The Great Tribulation was Judgement on the "House of God" so the unsaved "tares/goats" (the "foolish virgins") would be SHAKEN   

        (removed from the Kingdom) while all the "wheat/sheep" (the "wise virgins") COULD NOT BE SHAKEN... Jesus loses none of His.

        This is also represented in passages about the "Sanctuary" being "cleansed" (of all "tares") after the first (2300 day) "watch of the night".

(42) Anyone claiming the experiences of the "ten virgins" is a future event must be able to explain WHO is involved?  (A: Only the "ten virgins")

        and WHAT specifically will happen in the future? (they "went forth" from their churches when RULED over by Satan and his Anti-Christ )

        and WHEN will this event occur in history? (after the Great Commission is complete - when the "testimony" of the Last Saints is "finished") 

        and WHERE does this event occur? (within the Fourth "Kingdom", or in the Great Tribulation, or during the first of two Revelation Beasts)

        and  HOW are these events a "Great Tribulation"? (the Last Saints, or "wise virgins" agree to "give their Kingdom to the [Revelation] Beast") 

        and WHY would a "Saint" give Satan his Kingdom? (God "put it in their hearts to fulfill His Will" during Judgment on "the House of God") 

We have already shown that (during the THIRD "watch of the night")

(43) At the "Midnight Cry" of the Anti-Christ all "ten virgins" arose from their "slumber and sleep" of the second "watch of the night",

        as the Second Revelation Beast arose (in 2001) during the third "watch of the night".

(44) While the First Revelation Beast encouraged people to stay in the most faithful church that they could find (normally a Reformed or

        Orthodox Protestant church)... although many/most of us were quickly asked to stop preaching the 1994 Gospel - or leave the church,

        the Gospel of the Second Revelation Beast was to DEPART from the churches since salvation was only available outside the church,

        through the "Latter Rain" Gospel.

(45) The "Head/King" of the Second Revelation Beast was the SAME PERSON as the "Head/King" of the First Revelation Beast.

        While it's the SEVENTH "Head/King" that was able to "overcome" the Saints (the "very Elect") during the first "watch of the night",

        it's the EIGHTH "Head/King" that could not deceive the "very Elect" in the fourth "watch of the night". It's the EIGHTH "Head/King"

        that "goeth into Perdition"... at the end of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven".

(46) While all ten virgins "trimmed their lamps" (adjusted their Gospel), only the "foolish virgins" followed the Second Revelation Beast,

        preaching the "Latter Rain" Gospel.  All of the "wise virgins" (and the "unprofitable servant") opposed the "foolish virgins"

        during the third and/or fourth "watch of the night".

(47)  While the First Revelation Beast was hardly noticed by the world (except within Reformed and Orthodox Protestant circles)

        the Second Revelation Beast was widely known in the churches - and the world.  There was much discussion, even media coverage,

        about this man (who had previously suffered a fatal wound) suddenly preaching that salvation was ONLY found outside of the churches.

        Needless to say, this "Latter Rain" Gospel was not well received by ANY established denomination and/or church.

(48) Anyone thinking the experiences of the "ten virgins" of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" are still some future event is really arguing that

        the recorded history of people preaching the 1994 Gospel (during the first "watch"), and the recorded history of those same people then

        remaining silent (during the second "watch"), and the recorded history of those same people then preaching the "Latter Rain" Gospel

        (during the third "watch")... was NOT the fulfillment of end-time prophecies... that all these same events must occur (again)...

        some time in the future.  But, of course, NO CHURCH will teach such a Gospel because it remains "sealed" to them, and

        it would immediately ruin their ministry.  Instead, they will simply IGNORE all the Scriptures they cannot harmonize.

We have already shown that (during the FOURTH "watch of the night")

(49) While the fourth "watch of the night" should have been 2300 days.  This period (called the "Days of Vengeance") ended

        about half-way through that time.  This is shown very clearly in all the passages (above) that document the Great Tribulation lasts

        for 3.5 "times/days/years/watches".  In other words, the Fourth Beast/Revelation Beast is destroyed before the end of the fourth "watch".

        This reality is also clearly shown - as Scripture specifically states the rule of Satan, and his Anti-Christ, is "shortenedfor the sake of the elect.

        Notice this is the same period when "all things that are written (all prophecies) must be fulfilled". Therefore, the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven"

        (the Second Revelation Beast) must be DESTROYED during the fourth "watch of the night"...  sometime during the "Days of Vengeance".

Mt 24:21   For then [during the fourth "watch"] shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time,

                  no, nor ever shall be.  22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake

                  those days shall be shortened.

Lk 21:20   And when ye ["wise virgins"] shall see Jerusalem [the Fourth Kingdom] compassed with armies, then know that the desolation

                 [of the Fourth Kingdom or Revelation Beast] thereof is nigh.  21  Then let them which are in Judaea [the wise virgins]

                 flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it [in the Fourth Beast] depart out; and let not them

                 that are in the countries enter thereinto [the Fourth Beast].  22  For these be THE DAYS OF VENGEANCE

                 that all things which are written [all prophecies written about the Fourth Beast] may be fulfilled.

(50) While it's easy to focus on "those days should be shortened" in the verse above... and while it's important to note it is for the sake of the elect,

        it's also important to take note of another part of the passage - that talks about this period (this fourth "watch of the night") being unlike any

        other period of time (either past or future) "such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be".  Because

        there are other passages in the Bible that make the SAME CLAIM... of being a time unlike any before or after.  That means we must

        harmonize those Scriptures - in order to understand the context of the passage above.  If we cannot harmonize ALL related verses

        then we cannot even pretend to know the meaning (or the historical fulfillment) of ANY of those prophecies. 

(51)  It is also easy to intentionally ignore the Scripture that reveals the fourth "watch of the night" is called the "Days of Vengeance"

        or that the Bible PROMISES that, during this time, "all things [all final prophecies] which are written may be fulfilled"

        This means all prophecies about the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth shall be fulfilled, as well as all prophecies

        about events occurring during the "Season and Time" AFTER the destruction of the two Revelation Beast(s).

        And yet, for almost 2000 years, no church included the Fourth "Kingdom" into their Gospel... much less

        the "Season and Time" on earth after the Revelation Beast is destroyed.  This was "sealed" to them.



(52) During the fourth "watch of the night" the "wise virgins" were amazed to see one of the biggest "signs" regarding of the nearness

        of the Lord's Return when we saw the great "falling away" occur (in the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven")  The Anti-Christ SUDDENLY

        decided to change his Gospel from traditional Protestant or Reformed doctrines to notions that were already declared heresy many years ago.

        And then to see these (supposedly devout) followers IMMEDIATELY accept his heresies - as if their prior (1994) Gospel had never existed.

        It was an amazing event to witness.  Imagine a denomination suddenly abandoning all of their most basic beliefs because their "leader"

        suddenly started preaching (old) doctrines - which had already been declared to be heretical from 500 years to 1500 years earlier...

        that is exactly what happened during the great "falling-away" of the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven". 

2Th 2:1    Now we beseech you, brethren, [the "wheat" but not the "tares" in the Kingdom] by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,

                 and by our gathering together unto Him, [during the resurrection]  2  That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled,

                 neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3  Let no man deceive you by

                 any means: for that [Last] day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, [in the Fourth "Kingdom"]

(53) It was a remarkable site to see people who appeared to be the most "devout" Christians (as the "ten virgins" were) suddenly adopt all manner

        of heresy - just because the Anti-Christ decided to "change laws and times".  This occurred in late 2007.  That was when the Anti-Christ was

        "revealed(to all the "wise virgins") as being RULER of Daniel's Fourth Beast -or- the RULER of the First and Second Revelation Beasts.

        While most Biblical "scholars" assumed the great "falling-away" occurred at the end of the Great Commission of the Christian Kingdom

        (because they did not even know the Fourth Kingdom existed)... it was always intended to be a "sign" for the Last Saints living during

        the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven" and during the "Season and Time" after the destruction of the Revelation Beasts.

2Th 2:3        Let no man deceive you by any means: for that [Last] day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,

                    [in the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven"] and that man of sin  [the Anti-Christ] BE REVEALED, [to the Last Saints]

                    the son of perdition; 4  Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so

                    that he [the Anti-Christ] as God sitteth [rules] in the temple of God [over the "Body of Christ"], shewing himself

                    that he is [like] God. [during the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven"] 

(54)  It should be understood that the great "falling away" (within the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven") and the "revealing" of the Man of Sin

        "sitting" (ruling) in the "Temple of God" (in the Body of Christ) is the SAME EVENT as Daniel's "Abomination of Desolation" when

        it is "standing" (ruling) in the "Holy Place" (in the Body of Christ)... however, in Matthew 24:15 we are told to "flee into the mountains"

        when we "see" this event happen during the Fourth "Kingdom"... in fact this "fleeing" of the "wise virgins" is one of the LAST SIGNS 

        to occur in the Fourth "Kingdom"... which was, itself, an end-time "sign" the Lord Jesus Christ had promised the Last Saints on earth

        "SHALL SEE [recognize the historical fulfillment of] ALL THESE THINGS" [Mat 24:33]

(55) Shortly after the great "falling away" occurred in the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" (during the fall of 2007) the Anti-Christ proclaimed

        a NEW DATE for the Lord's Return.  The Anti-Christ and, therefore his followers (the Second "Beast"), began preaching the Lord Jesus

        would Return for His "sheep" on May 21, 2011.  They taught there would be five months of "hell on earth" and the Final Judgment would

        occur on October 21, 2011.  Needless to say, all the churches and the MEDIA condemned the Anti-Christ for making a SECOND prediction 

        on a NEW DATE for the Lord's Return.  Of course, all the "wise virgins" knew these were just more false prophecies from the Anti-Christ.

        However, the Anti-Christ was able to deceive all those in the Second Beast - and remove (spiritually "kill") all those who did not preach

        his new 2011 Gospel.

(56) It was the Second Beast - that made everyone following the Anti-Christ to worship the "image" (the Gospel) of the First Beast.

        It was the Second Beast - that made everyone following the Anti-Christ to take the "Mark of the Beast" in order to "buy or sell" (preach).

        It was the Second Beast - that was cast alive into the "Burning Flame" or "Lake-of-Fire" at the end of the Fourth Kingdom [Dan 7:12, Rev 19:20] 

        It was the Second Beast - the Eighth "Head/King" of the Beast, that would eventually "goeth into Perdition" [Rev 17:11].

(57) When the Lord did not Return to "rapture" His sheep on May 21, 2011, all the churches (and the media) ridiculed the mocked the Anti-Christ

        for making another false prophecy.  The Anti-Christ made a pathetic attempt to justify his second false Gospel by saying the Lord Jesus did

        actually Come for all the Saints (spiritually)... and he insisted the Final Judgment would still come in five months, on October 21, 2011.

(58)  Of course, we all know that the end-of-the-world did NOT happen on October 21, 2011.


(59) Interestingly, the Anti-Christ did NOT repent after God showed (for the second time) that he was THE false prophet of the Fourth Kingdom.

        Instead, the Anti-Christ actually MOCKED GOD by saying that he obviously was speaking for God - and, if that was not the case, 

        then God could easily strike him down.  Amazingly (only a few days later) the Anti-Christ suffered a stroke and was silenced.

        A short while later the Anti-Christ died... and the Gospel of "Babylon the Great" could not be found anywhere on earth.

(60) And so, the Gospel of the First Revelation Beast (that the Lord would return in 1994) had already been proven, by history/reality, to be false.

        Now the Gospel of the Second Revelation Beast (that the Lord would return in 2011) was also proven by history/reality to be a false Gospel.

        In fact, this was the historical fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy that the Gospel of the (2nd) Jewish Beast would continue (without dominion)

        for a "Season and Time"... and the Gospel of the (3rd) Christian Beast would continue on earth (without dominion) for a "Season and Time"

        AFTER the Gospel of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heavenhad been silenced - when the Fourth Kingdom/Beast was destroyed.



        Dan 7:11  I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spake: I beheld even till the [Fourth] Beast was slain,

                        and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame [same as the "Lake of Fire"].  12  As concerning the rest of the beasts,

                        [the Jewish Kingdom and the Christian Kingdom] they had their [spiritual] dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged

                        for a Season and Time. 

(61) Moreover, after understanding the Truth about Daniel's Four Kingdoms, we can see the fulfillment of Daniel 7:12 today as:

        there are currently about THREE BILLION people on earth preaching the Gospel of the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven",

        and there are approximately SEVEN MILLION people on earth preaching the Gospel of the (2nd) Jewish "Kingdom of Heaven".

        These "Kingdoms of Heaven" continue (without any spiritual dominion) after the destruction of the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom.

        So, it's in this sense, "they had their [spiritual] dominion taken away, yet their LIVES WERE PROLONGED for a Season and Time".

(62) However, the Gospel of the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom (as preached by the "Ten Virgins") cannot be found anywhere on earth.

        The Gospel of the "Ten Virgins" has been destroyed - while the Gospel of the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom continues (without "dominion"),

        and the Gospel of the (3rd) Christian Kingdom continues (also without "dominion") during the current "Season and Time" on earth...

        exactly as foretold by Daniel.  Now we have both harmony of all related Scripture - with confirmation in actual history (aka, reality).

(63) The easiest example of the chronology of the Fourth Kingdom, or the Great Tribulation, (shown as the four "watches of the night")

        is provided in Matthew 25, with the experiences of the "Ten Virgins" that "went forth" from the (3rd) Christian "Kingdom of Heaven",

        as they followed the Anti-Christ - preaching the Gospel of the (4th) Great Tribulation "Kingdom of Heaven".  In Chapter 9 we revealed

        the historical fulfillment of the parable/prophecy of the "ten virgins" of Daniel's Fourth Beast (aka. the Revelation Beast).  

(64) Note: These verses (Mat 25:8-10) prove beyond any doubt that the prophecy of the "ten virgins" did not represent events

        occurring in the Christian "Kingdom of Heaven" or the Church Age.  There is no possibility that the events in this prophecy

        represent events during the Great Commission because AT NO TIME during the Church Age would the Saints refuse to teach

        the Gospel - and then send people to some other group for salvation.  However, these events harmonize exactly with what occurred 

        in the Fourth "Kingdom of Heaven" (Revelation Beast). Which only confirms what we already know, these are events of the "ten virgins".


        Mat 25:8     And the foolish [virgins] said to the wise [virgins], Give us of your oil; for our lamps [our gospels] have gone out.

                           9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you; but go ye rather to them that sell,

                           and buy for yourselves.  10  And while they [the foolish virgins] went to buy, the Bridegroom [Jesus Christ] Came,

                           and they that were ready [the "wise virgins"] went in with Him to the Marriage: AND THE DOOR WAS SHUT.

                           [The phrase "Door was Shut" means the "Final Harvest" is complete - nobody else can enter into the "Marriage"]



(65)  In other words, the prophecy of the "ten virgins" could not represent events beginning after Pentecost (during the Church Age)...

        but it does represent events occurring during the Great Tribulation Kingdom.  It even provides a chronology of the Fourth Kingdom.

        More information in Chapter 9.



(66)  Bottom Line:  The reader only has THREE CHOICES:

        (a) believe the prophecy of the "ten virgins" has already happened

        (b) believe the prophecy of the "ten virgins" is still a future event or

        (c) believe Jesus was just telling a fairy tale (or LIE) about these events

                                                       If you believe what you like in the Gospels and reject what you don't like

                                                       it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.

                                                                                                                                                   Saint Augustine